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Ready to Bare

As intimate wax specialists we offer a range of intimate wax treatments to suit your needs. We listen to our customers so just tell us how much to take off and we'll do it! Brazilian waxing, Hollywood and Bikini are our most popular treatments, take a look or book now.

Model Applying Cream

Less is More

Never underestimate the power of your brows! We remove hair from anywhere on your face from your brows and top lip to your chin or neck. We offer full face wax treatments to suit your needs using stripless hot wax for a gentler removal. Take a look and book now.


Smooth Finish

There is nothing better than a smooth silky finish on your legs. Using soft Perron Rigot strip wax, this is a great way to prep for your holidays or to just keep up with your routine body treatments. Full body treatments available now.

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