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Please do not attend your appointment if you have symptoms or you feel you may have been exposed to the virus. We facilitate close contact services so please wear your mask on entry and during your appointment.  A sanitising station is available to all customers.  We have made every effort to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed during your appointment, Thank you!


 First time waxing?  

To get the best possible results we recommend that you do not shave for approximately 2-3 weeks before your appointment. This will allow for better hair removal and a smoother finish. If your hair is long, please do not try to cut it, we will take care of everything at your appointment. Please view the consultation form before booking.


Exfoliation is very important after waxing as it helps to prevent ingrowing hairs usually caused by shaving. Please wait at least 48 hours to exfoliate after your treatment to avoid skin irritation. Vegan friendly waxing products are available at Love Wax.


On your period?

No problem, as intimate wax specialists Brazilian waxing is our most popular treatment, so there is no need to cancel. As long as you use a tampon and the area is clean you're good to go. Please note that the skin can be more sensitive during menstruation.  


To prevent skin irritation please do not expose the area to any friction or excessive heat 12hrs before waxing. Shower gels, fake tan, hot baths or body lotions should be avoided up to 12 hours after waxing. 


How often should you wax?

In most cases substantial hair growth is noticeable between 4-5 weeks so we advise clients to book an appointment within these time frames. Over time you will experience less hair growth. 


What to expect after waxing - Minor skin irritation for a day or two if you're new to waxing which can be eased with simple post wax treatments available at Love Wax. The skin is less sensitive if you keep up a regular waxing routine.

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